As well as researching the skills needs across the whole UK, Proskills also produces individual reports and data for each of the Devolved Administrations. This helps to identify any specific skills-related issues for each Nation, as well as where there are skill needs that cut across different locations.

Proskills has produced the following reports, which deal specifically with Scotland:

  • The Proskills Sector Skills Assessment – Scotland
    Proskills has recently completed its full Sector Skills Assessment for Scotland, which gives an overview of the Process and Manufacturing sector, and a summary of the current and future skills issues. It draws on a range of primary and secondary sources including the ABI, LFS, the UKCES Skills Almanac, Working Futures, Futureskills and Proskills’ own surveys, including a major survey of employers and a survey of trade associations, both completed in 2009.

    This document forms part of the core remit for Proskills as detailed in the UKCES
    Information to Intelligence document.

The following externally produced documents also contain information relevant to the Proskills industries:

  • Scottish Sector Profile 2007
    This report from Futureskills Scotland provides analysis of Proskills sector characteristics of Proskills sector companies in Scotland. It also has information on recruitment, including vacancies and skills shortages, and on skills gaps and training.
  • Manufacturing Skills in Scotland
    This is a Powerpoint presentation showing the results of a joint SSC project undertaken in 2007 by the SSC Manufacturing Alliance. It provides information on the Manufacturing sector as a whole in Scotland, as well as information about Proskills industries in particular. Analysis is provided of sector characteristics, manufacturing trends and drivers, employment, age, training and qualifications. Also provided are comparisons of skill needs across the different industries.

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