Launch of first Wood Qualifications

Proskills are delighted to announce that they have officially launched the first three new sector specific qualifications for the Wood and Timber industries.

The launch of these qualifications which marks an important step forward for the wood and timber industries, took place at Ecobuild (21st March) and was presented by John White, COE at Timber Trade Federation, Howarth Timber Group, Helen Hewitt, Proskills industry lead and PIABC

Helen Hewitt, Proskills wood and timber industry lead said “These qualifications have been developed specifically for companies in the Wood and Timber Industries, and come after a long wait for the industry. We have been extremely excited about this launch as this is truly the first time the industry has worked together to achieving a fully competent workforce for the future.“

The new qualifications are level 2 Qualifications for delivery in Sawmilling (Primary and Secondary Processing, Timber Protection) Tooling Technologies (Saw Doctoring) and Timber Merchant Supplies.

Peter Kelly, Chairman of the Wood Industry Board and Training & Q.A. Manager for the Howarth Timber Group commented: “The Howarth Timber Group is a forward thinking company investing in the skills of its workforce. Since the Wood Industry joined Proskills, as its preferred Sector Skills Council (SSC), in January 2010, Proskills has fully delivered on the requirements the industry has asked of it in terms of developing/reviewing the NOS and the review and development of industry specific qualifications to date, in partnership with its Qualification Reform Group (QRG).

With the first three of these qualifications having recently been submitted to OFQUAL and receiving accreditation, the Wood Industry Board has developed into a cohesive, enthusiastic and dynamic team with a diverse membership of employers and industry bodies representing the full breadth of the industry. It is imperative that we do not lose this momentum, enthusiasm and drive that this has created within the Wood Industry since joining Proskills.”

Helen continued “These qualifications will provide learners with a greater route into the industry and also provide further options in training and career development routes. The effort the industry has put into working with Proskills has been exceptional and we happy to be able to deliver these qualifications but we will not end here and we hope to continue this relationship in order to support the wood industry and look at further routes to up skilling the workforce.