H&S NOS consultation

Health and Safety is core to all work activities across all sectors, therefore it is important that all future qualifications and training courses meet the needs of industry. The national occupational standards are currently under review and will form the basis of a range of qualifications and training courses. These are the updated versions of the original ENTO 2007 versions of the same standards, comments would be welcome to ensure they are fit for purpose.

Click here to access the consultation. The consultation closes on the 28th February.

H&S Practitioner National Occupational Standards – these standards underpin the functions carried out by a person who has H&S as a main part of their job role. They are not industry specific but are generic and can be contextualised as required.

Stand Alone Units – these standards can be used as stand-alone qualifications or included in other qualifications. The original ENTO 2007 versions of these standards were widely used across a range of sectors so feedback is important to ensure fit for purpose.

As part of the review two units have been made into one – these are HSS4 Promote a health and safety culture in the workplace and HSP2 Promote a positive H&S culture. The final draft unit is shown in the practitioner suite but would be available as before.

Regulatory Units- these standards underpin the functions carried out by the Health and Safety Executive Regulators and the Local Authority Regulators. Feedback would be appreciated to ensure that the current standards are fit for purpose and underpin current training frameworks.

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