Fundable Qualifications

Fundable Qualifications available from September 2010

Proskills, the Sector Skills Council for the process and manufacturing sector, has the responsibility of determining which industry specific qualifications are fundable under the Train to Gain initiative and the Adult Learner Responsiveness strands.

As of the 1st April 2010 new arrangements began for confirming public funding for qualifications delivered to learners aged 19 and above in England and these arrangements are managed and operated by the Skills Funding Agency.

The arrangements cover the following categories of provision.

  • Vocational qualifications in the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF), which will be the primary focus
  • QCF units for inclusion in the ongoing unit funding trials
  • Non-vocational qualifications in the QCF
  • Certain categories of National Qualification Framework (NQF) provision such as Skills for Life
  • Other provision that the Agency will continue to fund (including Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) recognised Access to Higher Education)

The Skills Funding Agency has an online list that identifies the qualifications that have so far been confirmed as appropriate for public funding and in order to provide early notice of accredited QCF qualifications confirmed for funding, this list will be updated on a regular basis.

Only accredited qualifications will appear on the Skills Funding Agency list and Learning Aims Database. This list does not currently include all accredited qualifications as the current process to add qualifications is taking 5-8 weeks from accreditation.

Skills funding Agency published list is available from:

In addition to the Skills funding Agency published list, Proskills has a list of qualifications that have been agreed by the Industry Qualification Reform Groups and put forward to the Skills funding Agency as eligible for public funding:

Qualifications within the QCF will be confirmed for funding for one or more of the Agency’s delivery programmes (Adult Learner Responsive provision, Offender Learning and Skills Service, Train to Gain, and Programmes for the Unemployed). Apprenticeships will be subject to separate arrangements.

For more information please contact Lisa Williamson at or on 07500 086599