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Careers and Schools Programmes

To support recruitment and to make our industries a real career choice in the minds of young people and people considering a career change, Proskills undertakes extensive work to highlight the exciting career opportunities our industries have to offer and to change young people’s perception of the process and manufacturing sector.

Dedicated Careers Website

Visit our dedicated career website at

The process and manufacturing sector is full of exciting and rewarding career opportunities and this site will help you to find all the information you need about getting started in any of these innovative industries.

Apprenticeships Website

Apprenticeships are available in the following industries: Building Products, Coatings, Extractive and Mineral Processing, Furniture, Glass & Related Industries, Glazed Ceramics, Paper, Printing and Wood.

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Visit our dedicated Apprenticeships website at
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Schools programmes

As part of its role, Proskills is involved in industry-backed programmes designed to engage young people in the exiting world of Manufacturing and its related industries.

Students and Schools can enter the Schools Into Industry Competions for a chance to win state of the art prizes.

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Labour Market Information

As part of a project between Proskills and Skillset, Proskills have developed a report which includes labour market information on 9 industries that Proskills represents at the time of writing the report.

The report provides high quality, robust, sector specific labour marker information to support the adult advancement and careers service.

For each industry the report outlines information on careers available, new emerging jobs, transferability of skills career paths and opportunities for progression. There is information on pay scales, how to enter the industry and what qualifications are available.

The report also shows trends in the industry, where skills gaps lie, what influences the recession has had and the future of the industry in terms of a green agenda and job requirements

To see the full report, visit Next Step website at