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About Proskills UK Group

Rethinking Skills, Bridging the Gap, Realising Ambitions

Bridging the skills gap in the United Kingdom and around the world since 2005

Proskills UK Group is an industry focussed and award winning skills development body that creates impact at the cutting edge of vocational education and training. We are a champion for quality industrial skills development in the UK and internationally.

Our work is proven to help employers raise productivity and improve the competitiveness of their businesses; to help Governments and their agencies to tackle national, regional and industry priorities; and to help training and education providers to develop their own skills and offers.

The Group is made up of Proskills UK the Sector Skills Body and Registered Charity (no: 1155635), the National Skills Academy for Materials, Production and Supply and Occupational Awards Limited.

How we work

Proskills is a not-for-profit private company (limited by guarantee) and a registered charity (no: 1155635).

Our charitable work includes the development of industry skill standards, work-based qualifications and apprenticeships, alongside the management and delivery of our hugely successful Schools into Industry programmes.

Through our long-term industrial partnerships we also provide vocational education, training consultancy and study programmes in a broad range of different business sectors.

Charitable Aims

  • to promote, advance, and provide training and education for persons working in or intending to work in the material, production and supply industries
  • to promote, advance, and provide training and education in health & safety

UK Based

As UK Government recognised organisation, Proskills works with organisations across the UK to develop the national and regional skills agenda. Our experience over the last ten years have helped us to develop a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of vocational education development in a range of industrial and commercial contexts.

Industry Focused

We work closely with employers and partners in trade and industry organisations to ensure our products and services meet real business needs.

Developing Careers

Our charitable careers work provides tools to help:

  • young people find the best way into industry;
  • experienced people to transfer between sectors; and
  • employees already in work to progress in their careers

Our Mission

We build bridges from schools to the world of work and beyond

Through our strong industrial partnerships we work closely with employers and training providers to ensure industry has access to the highest quality, industry-relevant standards, qualifications, apprenticeships. Our work with colleges, providers and universities ensures that there is a comprehensive sustainable network available to support success.

Schools into industry

Free School Programmes

Inspiring the next generation into Traineeships, Apprenticeships and jobs with our free, curriculum-mapped competitions and careers programmes.



We are mandated by the UK Government to develop and maintain apprenticeship frameworks and vocational skill standards.

training & certification

Revolutionising Vocational Training

Developing training curriculum, methods, and competency mapping proven to dramatically increase business growth delivered through an international network high quality and award winning partners.

Global Skills

Creating new standards and more

International award winning best practise working with NGOs, Governments, donors, agencies and global companies to develop skills the world over with flexible methods and tailored programmes.

Our History

Proskills UK

Proskills was launched as a Sector Skills Council in 2005 to serve to skills needs of the Process and Manufacturing sector. By 2008, it worked with nine different industries, managing large-scale, grant-funded activities, smaller projects and commercial service provision. Our UK business now operates on a charitable basis enabling access to careers and training, and our international business is growing rapidly year-on-year. The depth and breadth of Proskills’ experience gives it a uniquely specialist approach to work-based education systems and our experienced, highly-credible staff provide a comprehensive understanding of the of different approaches to industry engagement

Sector Skills Councils – A History

The UK first formalised a sectoral approach to vocational skill development in the 1960s, with the foundation of the Industrial Training Boards and associated levies for training. Several different approaches have been tried to create better links between industry and education in the 50 years that have followed, the latest of which saw the foundation of 26 Sector Skills Councils (SSCs) in the years between 2002 – 2012.

The Sector Skills Councils were funded by the UK government until 2012. A review of the vocational education system following the global financial crisis and a change in government saw a greater focus on dealing directly with employers which led to an expectation of increased commercial activity and full self-sustainability from the network.

The Group

The Proskills UK Group operates as three separate businesses:

All of our businesses operate in the UK and in countries around the world

Proskills UK is the overarching charity, providing schools programmes, careers materials and development of occupational skills standards and apprenticeships.

The National Skills Academy for Materials, Production & Supply is the charities’ commercial arm, providing business and development services for our training partnership network.

Our new Awarding Organisation, Occupational Awards Ltd, offers regulated national qualifications development, delivery and certification as well as a range of other quality assurance services.

Board of Trustees

Ian Aspley

Chairman of the Board

Jackie Bazeley

Managing Director at the British Furniture Manufacturers (BFM)

Susan Wright

Editorial Director and Publisher at Earth Island Publishing

Piers Latham

Director of Lathams Ltd.

The Proskills Team

Jonathan Ledger

Chief Executive Officer

David Marett

David MarettFinance Director

Claire Cousins

Operations and Customer Service Manager

Rachel Cave

Operations and Customer Service Supervisor

Hettie Foreman

Marketing and Communications Assistant

Ebony Arnold

Marketing Apprentice

Lisa Williamson

Apprenticeship and Qualifications Development Manager

Andy Rotherham

Training and Development Specialist